Discover Montanejos


Villa Termal located in the region of Alto Mijares with a typical Mediterranean vegetation. It is 65 km from Castellón and 90 km. from Valencia. Its altitude is approximately 480m. The last Moorish king, Abu Zeit, took refuge in Montanejos where he built baths for his favorites, including Queen Zucaina, so that they never lose grace and beauty. The hot springs emerge in the “Fuente de los baños”, next to the Mijares river at 25ºC. The waters of this source were declared of Public Utility by the Royal Order of October 13, 1863. It is a spring with a flow rate of approximately 6,000 liters per minute. The physiography of the riverbed in this area has allowed the formation of natural pools that are an excellent bathing area.


 Montanejos offers landscapes of incomparable beauty. Enjoy relaxing moments in the idyllic setting that surrounds our hotel in Montanejos.

And don’t forget to take time to enjoy the exceptional views of the Mijares River, after a rewarding break at the Montanejos Spa or a refreshing lunch at our restaurant. A world of services: Spa and Restaurant in Montanejos.


Enjoy a walk with views of the Mijares River, a rewarding swim in the hotel’s heated pool, a relaxing break at the Montanejos Spa, or a refreshing lunch at our restaurant in Montanejos.

All our facilities are at your disposal. Disconnect with a good reading or spend a good time in company in our cafeteria, the lounges or the magnificent terraces.



When visitors arrive for the first time at the Thermal Village of Montanejos, they are amazed to see the dynamic commercial activity of this small town.

The town centre is very interesting with typical whitewashed houses with an Arab tradition. Also interesting are a circular defensive tower and the church of Santiago Apóstol (s. XVII – XVIII).

We invite you to explore its streets and discover for yourself and first hand the many shops and activities you can do during your stay.

You can enjoy nature doing adventure sports, enjoy the various traditional festivals, our cultural, leisure and sports activities that take place throughout the year, and not forgetting to visit our Spa.