FAQ Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares, Montanejos

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We’ll address any doubts you may have

We have taken the time to compile this list of Frequently Asked Questions to make sure you’re in the know. Before making your booking, find the answers to any questions you may have about Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares and find out what other people who are thinking of visiting are asking.

When can I check in?

Standard check-in time is after 2p.m.

When do I need to check out?

Standard check-out time is 12p.m.

Can I check out later than 12p.m.?

There is the possibility to extend the stay until 2p.m. subject to availability.

In case of adding the meal of the departure day you can extend the stay until 5p.m, subject to availability.

Please check availability at the hotel reception.

What is the cost of the wellness spa?

Between 5€ and 15€ depending on time on year

Because of COVID, the hotel guests have 1 hour a day to enjoy it and you will have to book your time in the wellness spa the day of arrival at the hotel reception.

Are children (under 16) allowed in the wellnes spa?

Yes. They should be accompanied by an adult and can only use the heated pool.

Does the hotel have parking?

Yes. We have a paid outdoor parking area. Access by elevator from the hotel hall.

1. The descent to the parking area is pronounced and has noticeables turns, check that you can access without problems, otherwise do not use this area.

2. The parking area is not guarded

3. The hotel is not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles parked in the parking area.

4. The hotel is not responsible for damage to vehicles when they enter or leave the parking area.

5. Places are limited and not reserved.

Is the cot free?

Yes, the cot is free, it is only necessary to make a reservation.

Are drinks included?

No, drinks are not included in the prices.

Is the price VAT included?

The prices shown are VAT included.

What is the hotel’s pets policy?

No pets are allowed in the hotel.

Children pay?

Yes, children have a special price when they stay in the same room with parents, in case of occupying rooms not shared with adults the price is the same as a room occupied by adults. From the age of 13, children already count as adults.

Is the cancellation of the booking free?

In the confirmation email of the booking appears the cancellation policy, which is not always the same, depending on the season, etc.

Does the hotel have connecting rooms? Do guests need to make a special request?

We have connecting rooms. To reserve them you must pay 2 rooms. You can check availability and prices by phone (964131079) or by mail (mijares@gruporosaleda.com). Then you must wait for confirmation from the hotel.

Is there room service?

Room service is not available.

Do you have gluten-free menu?

Yes, If you are a celiac person, you must inform the hotel when you make your booking to have this in mind and to be able to offer you some dishes, pastries and gluten-free bread.

What is the restaurant opening hours?

BREAKFAST 8:30 -10:30

LUNCH 14:00 -15:30

DINNER 21:00-22:30

Because of COVID, exceptionally and depending on the season there will be shifts to access the restaurant.

Does the hotel have direct access to the river?

Yes, our hotel has a direct access to the river with elevator

Are towels available for the spa?

At the spa reception we will provide towels for your use during your stay. When you finish your time at the spa the towels will be returned at the same reception.

Are there hairdryers?

Yes, in the bathroom of your room you will find a hairdryer.

Is there a minibar in the room?

All rooms have a minibar.

Due to COVID there are no items for consumption, but the minibar refrigerators are in operation.

Is there any dress code in the hotel?

Is not allowed to entry to the hotel with bikini or shirtless.

For lunch and dinner services in the hotel are not allowed swimsuits, tank top (men), beach clothes or similar.

Special requests.

Subject to availability. Check with the hotel reception.

Is there luggage storage?

Due to COVID it is not possible to offer this service.

Is the use of a swim cap for the wellness spa mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory, if you do not have it, we have for sale in the hotel. The price is 3,00€.