Massages made with Welleda oils (Natural Cosmetics and BIO) without parabens, petroleum derivatives, or synthetic perfumes. Massages performed by Jose Luis Martos 




Recommended against stress, anxiety, nervousness, muscle stiffness… 



Relief against muscle pain caused by contractures, stiffness, bad postures… 



Stimulates and improves blood circulation thus improving the drainage and nutrition of tissues. 



Preparation and recovery of the athlete’s muscles, to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

15 minutes: 20€

25 minutes: 29€

40 minutes: 40€

Pressel massage 

With the Pressel massage we work the muscles through rhythmic movements providing flexibility and warmth. It acts on the physiological, vital, soul planes, activating and strengthening the healing forces of our organism giving it VITALITY. The massage is done in two days: the first day the lower part of the body (legs and lumbar area) is worked, favoring the activity of the metabolic system and elimination processes. On the second day the upper area (back, neck and arms) is worked. It is recommended for fatigue, headaches, weakness, sleep disorders, muscle aches … 

2 sessions: 85 €

Manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder System) 

  • Stimulates and activates the lymphatic system. 
  •  Recommended especially for the accumulation of liquids, it has multiple applications and benefits for its cleansing effect of the body, is regenerating and relaxing. 
  •  Improves blood circulation, skin appearance, strengthens the immune system…  
  • Recommended for: tired legs, contractures, difficulty sleeping, stress… 

30 minutes: 32 €

45 minutes: 46 €

Metamorfic Message 

1 hour: 50€