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Relevant information on services and uses of facilities due to Covid-19

Access to “Fuente de los Baños” Natural Setting

The “Fuente de los Baños” natural setting of Montanejos has a limited capacity, to access this place you must take a ticket, which has a cost, as you are staying in our establishment we will provide you this free ticket, always subject to capacity. It is not possible to book in advance, the free reservation will be made the arrival day and is subject to availability.

Access to Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares Wellness Spa

Due to new limited seating requirements, guests must book a spa appointment on the day of arrival (a maximum of one hour per day of stay) [LINK TO SPA RULES OF USE].

Breakfast service::With limited seating you may have to wait for a free table, we will try to make the service as quick as possible.

Lunch and dinner service:: With limited seating you may have to wait for a free table, we will try to make the service as quick as possible.

Use of the parking area:

The hotel has a not guarded parking area, the acces has a cost of 5€ per day of stay and the use of this area es subject to availability. The capacity is limited and it is not possible to reserve specific places.

Luggage custody service:

Following the recommendations of the health authorities, we abolished the luggage custody service.




Our mission it’s to offer the safest experience for you and our staff.

We are following the health authorities and experts recommendations for the opening of hotels. The Town Hall is also working on the river, in the village and the leisure areas.  

Reservations on our website without cancellation charges

You can book through our website without cancellations charges.

Gel hand sanitizer

You will have it at your disposal in diferents points around the hotel.

Obligatory Mask

It is mandatory to wear a mask in all the shared areas of the hotel (lounges, reception, elevators…)


Cleaning protocols

We have redesigned our cleaning and desinfection protocols

PPE’s for our staff (Personal Protective Equipment)

Our staff has the necessary protection equipment.
At the Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares, the most important thing is to take care of our clients, being able to travel calmly is an added advantage, for this reason we have had to take mesures for the implementation of the different regulations due to the current situation of health crisis caused by Covid-19.
  • Frequent hand washing, specially when you are going to access to shared areas (lounges, restaurants…). Gel hand sanitizer is availabe at differents points around the hotel.
  • Use your elbow to cover your mouth/nose when you are coughing or sneezing, or use a tissue and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes in public spaces.
  • Use the bins that you will find at different points in our facilities to throw away all the disposable hygiene and protection material (masks, gloves, disposable tissues, etc.).
  • Respect social distancing with persons outside the family or cohabitation environment.


  • Avoid greetings that involve physical contact (hugs, kisses…)
  • Respect the capacity established in common areas, in particular in those where there is no physical control by the hotel staff (elevators, lounges…)
  • Respect schedules and other rules that may have been established by the establishment to comply with the permitted capacity. Inform yourself with the signs that are around the hotel or ask our staff.
  • Respect the distances between people who are in points of public attention, entrances to restaurants, buffets…
  • Respect signs, routes, safety distances or closed spaces.
  • Do not remain in the room during cleaning process, maintenance or repair services.
At the first signs of symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, cough or respiratory difficulty):

* Self-isolate in your room (affected and partner).

* Inform the establishment by phone (reception / customer service) of the situation.

Novedades 2022


Acceso directo al rio

Ya tenemos en marcha el nuevo ascensor que comunica el hall del hotel con el rio

Nuevo parking (de pago)

Con capacidad para más de 40 vehiculos y con acceso directo mediante el ascensor al hall

Cerraduras RFID

Nuevas cerraduras de proximidad RFID para acceder a diversas zonas del hotel